Osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture. Osteopath Hackney, physiotherapist, acupuncturist, massage therapist Hackney, East London.

We are all unique.
I draw on a wealth of over 10 years medical experience to create a treatment unique to your needs that will aid your recovery best and prevent your ailment from recurring.


I integrate principles and techniques drawn from Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Therapeutic Massage and Medical Acupuncture that can aid:
◦ stress and fatigue
◦ back and neck pain
◦ muscular ache and pain
◦ sport injuries
◦ postural imbalances
◦ knee, hip and ankle problems
◦ shoulder, elbow, wrists problems
◦ pregnancy related complaints
◦ headaches
◦ TMJ (jaw) problems
◦ sleeping disturbance
◦ anxiety

I assess and treat people of any age from the elderly to the newborn, to pregnant women and athletes. I also provide advice on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle adjustments.

Initial assessment £75

Follow up £60