About osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage and acupuncture. Osteopath, physiotherapist, acupuncturist Hackney, East London.

Om Therapy is an evidence driven practice.
Grounded in Osteopathy, Neuroscience and Psychology, embodying a holistic approach to healing;
Promoting patients’ self healing ability for optimum physical, mental and social wellbeing.
About Ola.
Ola is an accomplished and devoted Osteopath as well as Physiotherapist and Medical Acupuncturist, with more than ten years clinical experience.
Ola’s knowledge of manual medicine, utilised in conjunction with a fascination for psychology, movement and nutrition, resonates in her own unique approach to healing.
She has travelled the world with her practice, working with everyone from Olympic athletes, to mums-to-be’s and celebrities.
Ola has a particular focus on women’s health issues whilst treating a varied constituency of patients, each with singular needs, each addressed with personalised treatment.
On her off days Ola is a keen runner, surfer, passionate foodie and DJ.
She also hosts wellbeing retreats around the world